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Why Buy an Indoor Air Purifier and Air Quality Monitor?

Whether you're an employee or employer, it's important for you to have an indoor air quality monitor in your office or work area. Studies have proven that poor-quality indoor air also has a negative impact on humans: Around 3.8 million individuals around the globe die each year due to poor-quality indoor air. Indoor air pollution lowers human performance and capability to process information. Many other pollutants pose a threat to health and welfare.

Indoor air quality monitors are devices that allow you to monitor the quality of air inside your home or office. There are basically two types of indoor air quality monitors: Radon and EPA filters. The difference between them is simple. Radon is a radioactive material that accumulates inside homes or buildings, even if the building is sealed tightly; this material emits radio waves when it comes into contact with air, which can easily escape control. When the average person breathes in radon gas, this gas is inhaled and travels through the body, affecting the lung tissue and muscles. Discover the best dehumidifier seller near me on this site.

The average rating for most home and work settings is fifty milligrams per square centimeter of air. If the air inside your home or office is at this level, it would be considered "indoor air quality," but you should not pay attention to that rating. Instead, pay attention to the average temperature in your environment, which can be affected by human error. The ideal indoor air quality rating is around forty milligrams per square centimeter. Average temperature outdoors is around twenty-five degrees Celsius, which means that your indoor air quality might be slightly better than the outdoors.

While the ideal indoor air quality rating is forty milligrams per square centimeter, you can improve this level with a carbon monoxide air quality sensor. A carbon monoxide air quality sensor will detect levels of carbon monoxide in the air, giving you the ability to detect leaks before they become serious problems. A leak can cause a deadly gas produced from a fuel source such as a gas furnace or oil tank. Carbon monoxide is invisible, odorless, tasteless and colorless, so you can test for it without having to worry about hurting anyone with it in the process. This type of gas is also capable of damaging human tissue, even when the source is outside, so you want to protect yourself.

An average rating for home furnishings is twenty-three degrees Celsius. Furniture should be kept away from windows to prevent drafts from damaging your walls and floors. However, if you are using an electronic atop or Eve Room indoor air quality monitor, you can keep your furniture within the Eve Room to avoid drafts, especially if you have glass enclosed windows. This type of monitor uses a sensor to detect changes in the air, which is sent to a microprocessor on the receiver. The processor then decodes the signal, sending the information to you. Learn more about the indoor air quality monitors on this link:

Since mold and other allergens can aggravate asthma and other respiratory illnesses, it's especially important to purchase an indoor air quality monitor that is able to detect toxic particles. You can buy a small hand-held device called a particle sensor, or even an infrared camera that will let you see how fast and thick the particles are. Most devices will have a display that shows you how many particles are detected, what percentage is unhealthy, and what type of particle is found. You want to keep your family healthy, so if you think you have mold, it's time to take action with an air purifier and indoor air quality monitor. Find out more details in relation to this topic here:

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